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1.    I de Wilde and
2.    E Margalet

Wilgeheuwel Hospital, Honeydew, Gauteng 2040, South Africa.

Methods A pericapsular approach was used with capsulotomy and then correction of the lesions both in the pelvic and in the femoral aspects. The traction times and total surgery times for the conventional method and the new out-inside technique were compared.

Results Conventional Hip Arthroscopy
•    – 61 Hips done
•    – Total surgery time was 110 minutes
•    – Traction time was 50 minutes
•    – 6 Weeks non weight bearing

New out-inside technique of hip arthroscopy
•    – 24 Hips done
•    – Total surgery time was 90 minutes
•    – Traction time was 20 minutes
•    – 4 weeks non weight bearing

New out-inside technique – E Margalet results
•    – 68 Hips done
•    – Total surgery time was 80.5 minutes
•    – Traction time was 18.2 minutes
•    – 3-4 weeks non weight bearing

Conclusion Hip arthroscopy for femoral-acetabular impingement involves time spent working on the central and peripheral compartment. This new therapeutic approach requires a less aggressive exposure and is technically easier than conventional arthroscopy. A 30 degree optic system and shoulder and knee arthroscopic instruments were used without the need for fluoroscopy and the 70 degree optic was only used in the central compartment. No new surgical portals are used but rather a new surgical approach. It is important to note that new surgical complications need to be considered in this method. Outcomes are variable regarding pain and full recovery to normal previous activity of each patient.


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